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  Maiden Chicago is comprised of five very dedicated and experienced musicians with a passion to deliver
  flawless Iron Maiden music to Chicagoland. Meet the Members of Maiden Chicago...


Bruce Dickinson Image
Bill Swanson is no stranger to Iron Maiden and no stranger to the stage, having
previously filled the demanding role of Bruce Dickinson in the prominent Chicago
based Iron Maiden tribute "Revelations".
Bill most recently served as the lead vocalist for "The Metal Years"; a tribute to
classic metal music, where he successfully performed a wide variety of challenging
vocal styles from the biggest names in the business. Bill Swanson has a natural and
uncanny ability to reproduce the tonality of the iconic Iron Maiden frontman, and
Maiden Chicago is excited to have him on board!
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Bruce Dickinson Image
Besides previously playing the role of the freakishly-talented Steve Harris both in
"Revelations" and "Powerslave", Gary played a crucial role as co-founder of Maiden
Chicago; being exclusively responsible for the acquisition of its members.
Gary most recently played bass in "The Metal Years" with Bill Swanson, where he
confidently held down the thunderous low end prowess of the men that shaped
heavy metal bass guitar.
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Bruce Dickinson Image
Dan also plays drums in The Outlaw Gentlemen; An American Volbeat Tribute Band.
Dan Driskill is the consummate professional; always hard at work honing his craft with
a powerful mind relentlessly focused on making Maiden Chicago better. Beyond his
profound skills as an innovator and fierce promoter, Dan's maticulous attention to
all the nuances of Nicko McBrain make him the ideal drummer for Maiden Chicago.
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Bruce Dickinson Image
Al is another formidable talent, and a man who possesses extensive intimacy with
the Iron Maiden catolog. Having previously handled the guitar duties in "Powerslave",
Al fits in like a glove and has a history collaborating both with Dan Driskill and Gary
Ingram. Most recently, Al performed with Sin After Sin; Chicago's one and only Judas
Priest tribute band.
Al Contreras brings advanced guitar prowess to Maiden Chicago; a skill set that
surpasses the job and a host of media talent to help propel the band forward.
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Bruce Dickinson Image
Mike started his musical career at 3 years old, listening to Bozo the Clown records
through really big headphones connected to his parents' record player. He studied
classical piano from age 6 to age 14 and started playing guitar at age 13.
Mike has performed with dozens of bands in a multitude of genres; everything from
Motown to Metal. He has also done session work with various artists and recorded tracks
for TV and radio advertising.
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Former Members of Maiden Chicago
Often times, a band changes forms throughout its history. Check out some of the people that contributed to Maiden Chicago and were once a part of this dynamic band...


Bruce Dickinson Image
Co-founder of Maiden Chicago, Eric Babcock's growing love and respect for Iron
Maiden was the catalyst for the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest heavy metal
bands the world has ever seen. Eric formed Maiden Chicago with bassist Gary
Ingram in early September of 2010 and played 33 shows with the band from May 7,
2010 to December 31, 2012.
Eric now handles the duties of James Hetfield in the Chicago-based Metallica
tribute, Damaged Justice and fronts the Volbeat tribute band, The Outlaw Gentlemen.
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Bruce Dickinson Image
As an original member of Maiden Chicago, Ralph brought relevant experience to the band,
having handled the duties of Dave Murray in the Chicago area Iron Maiden & Judas Priest
tribute band, "Judas Beast". Ralph also has played the roles of both Kirk Hammet and
James Hetfield in the prominent Chicago Metallica tribute band, "Battery".
Ralph now handles guitar & vocal duties for an original metal band by the name of
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Maiden Chicago Crew
A Maiden Chicago show would not be possible to the extent that you witness it without the hard work and dedication
of its valued crew members. These individuals put every bit as much of themselves into the show as the band members
do, asking for little to nothing in return. Meet the Maiden Chicago Crew...


Bruce Dickinson Image
Sam Klein does everything he possibly can for the betterment of Maiden Chicago. His
assistance with stage setup and management is but a small segment of what he
provides to each performance. All of the fantastic show photos you see on Facebook
are taken, enhanced, uploaded and managed by Sam himself.
As if that wasn't enough, Sam is the first to promote Maiden Chicago events and is
the founder of the Official Maiden Chicago Fan Club. In summary... Sam Rocks.
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